Taking care of all your sanitizing needs!

We have been using the Emist Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer to sanitize the gym daily. Once a week, the gym will be shut down WEDNESDAY from 2PM to 3PM for a weekly deep clean. From now on, please make sure you are wearing a mask entering and exiting the facility. In addition, during busy hours, wear a mask going to your next workout station.

We ask that you continue the following guidelines provided to maintain a safe environment:

• Wash/Sanitize hands upon arrival and leaving the gym.
• Clean or wipe down every piece of equipment you touch.
• Maintain a safe and social distance.

Keeping and maintaining our member’s health during this time is our first priority. In addition to those listed above, we are doing all we can to keep everything clean throughout the entire day. If you do not have a mask, we have provided some for you on the front desk. Please avoid coming to the gym if you are not feeling well, have traveled recently, or been exposed to someone with COVID. Thank you for all you are doing! For more Information and and Safety Tips please visit CDC.Gov